Two Men Found A Phone In Their Garden, But How It Got There Is Unbelievable

Nowadays it seems like phones break at the slightest touch.

As technology has progressed, we’ve developed thinner and thinner cell phones with glass and other shatterable materials. Most companies claim their products are strong, but how do they really stand up to pressure?

Blake Henderson was filming using his Samsung Galaxy S5 phone out the window of a small aircraft when he dropped it. He thought the phone would be done for, but instead, it kept recording and fell, completely intact, into a garden below.

Henderson’s nephew, Robert Ryan, posted the video to YouTube that was captured as the phone fell 11,000 feet. It even caught the men who discovered it while gardening on video. Check it out!

That’s kind of amazing! Next time my screen cracks, I’m going to remember this story and weep.

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