This Dog Looks Like He’s Wearing Face Paint, But He’s Actually Just Super Special

Rowdy is just like any other black lab.

He’s playful, sweet, and loves going to the park.

But Rowdy is also very unique. He looks like he’s wearing a mask on his face, but it’s no cute costume…the old dog has vitiligo. The rare, non-lethal skin condition affects the body’s pigmentation.

While the 13-year-old boy probably doesn’t know why he’s become a local (and now national) celebrity, I’m sure he doesn’t mind all the attention and love he’s been getting!

Rowdy suffers from the non-lethal skin disease known as vitiligo.

It’s made him a bit of a local celebrity in Canby, Oregon, where he lives.

While the condition doesn’t affect his health, Rowdy has been through a lot. He drank poisoned river water and was accidentally shot by police during what they believed was a burglary.

This non-threatening (and adorable) depigmentation is just the latest in the rousing life of Rowdy.

Rowdy’s owners wouldn’t change a thing about him!

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Homecoming 2015 with my Ally!! 😍

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Learn more about the cutie in this clip.


(via The Dodo)

Here’s hoping Rowdy lives a full life without any more complications. One dog can only handle so much.

To follow along with all of Rowdy’s adventures, visit his Facebook and Instagram pages.

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