When Their Dads Shaved Their Beards, These Two Kids Totally Freaked Out

For most children, it’s not unusual to become so attached to one or both of their parents to the point where they become a daddy’s girl or mama’s boy.

But as children grow up, they’re so used to seeing their parents in such a light that sometimes even the smallest change in mannerisms or appearance can catch them completely off guard. These kids you’re about to witness are both bonafide daddy’s boys that have grown so accustomed to their fathers and their big, bushy beards.

But then the unthinkable happened. These dad had the audacity to shave their facial hair! Let’s just say the kids didn’t take too kindly to it.

Logan’s Papa shaved his beard for the first time since he was born, and his awe-struck reaction says it all.


Gavin, however, isn’t so fond of his father’s new look. At one point, he even threatens to get rid of Dad!


(via Love What Matters)

Kids are hilarious, aren’t they? Here’s hoping these little ones have gotten used to their beardless fathers!

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