When She Saw An Old Man Having Trouble With His Meal, She Did The Sweetest Thing

With all the bad news we get hit with every day, we often overlook the things people do to make others’ lives a little easier — but this woman’s act of kindness definitely didn’t go unnoticed.

At the Huddle House diner in Douglas, Georgia, one employee named Wanda was recently recorded helping an elderly man in a small but very meaningful way. A veteran with an injured hand, he was struggling to eat his pancakes. While the younger man sitting with him moved to assist him, Wanda stepped in and started cutting the food so the two could sit back and enjoy their meal.

It took her less than a minute to do it, but her actions meant so much to those who witnessed them.


(via Daily Mail)

What an incredibly sweet gesture. If we all stopped to do something like this for others, the world would be a kinder place.

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