When You See What Happens When A Vet Squeezes This Dog’s Skin, You’ll Be Sick

Have you ever found yourself irrationally afraid of small holes or bumps clustered together?

If so, it’s likely that you’re suffering from trypophobia, which scientists believed is based on a biological revulsion to shapes that our brains consider dangerous — for example, holes in wounds made by insects. It’s really not hard to understand what fuels this revulsion when you see what happened to one unlucky dog. The poor thing recently became a host to dozens of mango worms, and the infestation got so bad that a vet had to squeeze them out.

Dr. Michael Meyer had the pleasure of recording himself removing the creepy crawlies, and chances are that you’ll either find this immensely satisfying or completely terrifying to watch.


(via Daily Mail)

After witnessing this delightful video, would you call yourself a trypophobiac now? Be sure to let us know below.


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