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She Tried A New Tattoo Removal Technique. What Happened Will Make You Cringe So Hard

The one thing everyone knows about tattoos is that they are totally permanent.

That’s why you’re supposed to think long and hard before you make any decisions about tattoos and where you place them on your body. There have recently been advancements in tattoo removal, but they’re often painful, expensive, and take a really long time.

Pasuda Reaw realized after getting a flower tattoo on her chest that it might make her professional life more difficult. That’s when she heard about a new tattoo removal technique that would change her life (and appearance) forever.

Rejuvi is a tattoo removal cream that’s injected into the skin with a tattoo needle. Then the tattooed skin is supposed to fall off like a scab, leaving fresh skin behind.

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At first, it seemed like it was working. But then Reaw’s chest began to appear burned and infected with pus.

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The tattooed skin did scab and fall off, but what was left behind was even more distracting than the tattoo itself.

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Three months later, the scar is still highly visible and bright red like a burn.

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Reaw wants to warn people thinking about getting Rejuvi about what happened to her before they make the same mistake.

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This just goes to show that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Share her story to raise awareness about the effects of this tattoo removal technique to save your friends and family a whole lot of pain.

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