They Were Stunned When This Unexpected Visitor Approached Them At The Golf Course

When I think about coyotes, I envision some pretty dangerous creatures.

They’re not usually lurking in the dark waiting to attack humans, but they are predators and should be treated with respect and given a wide berth. Usually they ignore humans completely, which is why Ryan Taplin and his golf buddies were completely shocked when a coyote walked right up to them while they were near the tenth hole of a golf course in Arizona. As it turned out, the coyote needed something from them.

It was thirsty and seemed to be begging for water, so the men filled up a plastic cup and handed it over. The coyote seemed so grateful.

Youtube / Inside Edition

After their encounter, the animal headed off on its merry way. What a nice ending to something that must have been shocking and scary for the golfers!

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