12 Hysterical Videos That Prove Twins Share The Strongest (And Strangest) Bonds

It’s often said that the bond between pairs of twins is unlike any other.

Being born a twin is like gaining exclusive access to a members-only club. Just over three percent of births result in twins according to the Centers for Disease Control. So no matter fraternal or identical, if you’ve got a twin out there, you’ve got a companion for life.

And what better way to show off your twinning status than living it up in the most hysterical ways possible? Here are 12 pairs of twins that are sure to make you laugh uncontrollably.

1. What’s better than one child enduring the pain of having their wisdom teeth removed? Twins going through the pain together!

2. This epic secret handshake is sealed with a kiss.


3. Even when they’re bickering, they’re still so adorable.

4. These little ladies have a language all their own.

5. These two are so connected, they can’t keep their hands to themselves.


6. You know what they say, twins that sneeze together, stay together.


7. Guys, there’s more than one pacifier where that one came from.

8. Even their dance moves are so in sync.

9. I understood absolutely nothing that these cuties said.

10. Their hats really finish off that minimalistic look.

11. I’m pretty sure that slap meant “I love you.”

12. These triple threats are taking their show on the road.

These awesome twins make me a bit sad that I was born an only child. But for my parents’ sake, it’s probably a good thing there’s only one of me!

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