This Amazing Creature He Found In The Woods Looks Like Something Out Of A Fairy Tale

It’s not really a surprise that I love animals.

After all, we write about them so much on this website! I grew up watching Animal Planet and dreaming of all the places in the world I could visit someday to see my favorites.

In Sweden, if you’re very, very lucky, you could catch a glimpse of an animal you might not even believe is real. With less than 50 out there, it’s extremely rare. Hans Nilsson, however, was lucky enough to capture a white moose on video.

It’s so majestic! It looks like it belongs in a fairy tale.

IFL Science

I guess I’d better add Sweden to my bucket list ASAP. What do you think of this amazing sighting? Let us know about the coolest animal you’ve ever seen in the comments below.

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