The Grandpa Who Allowed His Grandson To Do This Probably Shouldn’t Babysit Anymore

Anyone who’s ever been left alone with a toddler for hours on end knows that you’ll do just about anything to keep them entertained — anything but risk their lives on a dangerous window grille, that is.

Oddly enough, that’s exactly what this Chinese grandfather, Mr. Peng, let his two-year-old grandson do. While Peng admitted that children should not play on the contraption, he also claimed that he’s reinforced the area to hold “heavy weight.” This come only weeks after another video surfaced of a young Chinese girl dangling from a fourth-story balcony by her neck. Luckily, both children were unharmed.

Here, the grandfather can be seen playing ball with his grandson on the rickety window grille. As a parent, this makes my heart skip a beat!

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Hopefully, this duo will take their game to the park next time. Be sure to share this heart-pounding video with parents you know to see what they think.

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