Awesome Dad Uses Digital Effects To Bring His Son’s Wild Imagination To Life

Parents will go to some pretty large extremes to make sure their children’s wildest dreams come through, but what Daniel Hashimoto does for his son James is something straight out of a superhero movie.

Hashimoto makes a living as a freelance visual effects artist who has worked for the likes of Dreamworks Animation, but where his artistry truly shines is when it involves his 4-year-old son James. Stemming from the kiddo’s love of games and his active imagination, Dad set out to turn his son’s thoughts and ideas into”Awesome Movie Kid,” a web series where James becomes a pint-sized action hero.

Hashimoto films his son doing pretty average kid things like playing at the park before transforming these simple videos into big-budget productions.

The magic happens when Hashimoto incorporates some movie drama in post-production by way of massive explosions and death-defying stunts.

The film that started it all, “Action Movie Kid,” saw James transforming into a superhero with unbelievable powers and a gaggle of nifty gadgets.

“Action Movie Kid” has gained quite the cult following, with over 870,000 active subscribers and over 200 million views.

This video below is particularly cool!

This dad certainly has my vote for father of the year! Not only is he making priceless memories with his son, but he’s making awesome home movies that they can both look back on in the future.

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