These Precious Siblings And Their Adorable After-School Routine Will Make You Smile

While most siblings act like mortal enemies, these two adorable nuggets aren’t afraid to show some public displays of affection for one another.

Every day at exactly 4:04 p.m., little Ava excitedly waits for her brother, TJ, at the bus stop. Quite often, she begins jumping up and down when the bus begins to come up the street. After a long day at kindergarten, TJ can be seen running toward his sister as the pair embrace and give one another a big kiss! It’s honestly the cutest thing I’ve seen all week.

According to Dad, the two follow up their routine of exclamations like, “You’re my favorite person!” Check it out below.

(via Daily Mail)

Let’s hope their brother-sister bond stays this strong forever! The world needs more of that.

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