Mom Plans Cheeky Photo Shoots For Her Twins Only To Have Adults Insult One Online

There are plenty of bullies who take pleasure in attacking others on the internet, no matter the site — and one mom just learned that there are even people out there who like being mean to babies.

When Lauren Ashcraft from Anchorage, Alaska, gave birth to her twins, Liam and Lola, Liam only weighed six pounds and six ounces. But that quickly changed for the sweet little boy. “Because they were twins, they were small. By 4 months, he was 16 pounds. He fattened up really quick,” she told ABC News. She wanted to celebrate his progress in a creative and funny way, so she asked her photographer friend, Laura Stennett, to do a photo shoot of the adorably chunky boy surrounded by cheeseburgers.

When she shared the photos, people thought they were super cute…

…then some, who Ashcroft refers to as ‘sanctimommies’, had the nerve to start criticizing her son’s weight, health, and her parenting skills.

“It became apparent they were posting Liam’s pictures in their private special interest mom groups and having their members come attack everything from me to my son. It made me sick, angry, and most of all sad,” she said.

But instead of giving in to the negativity, Ashcraft and Stennett decided to do another photo shoot of Lola to show the critics how ridiculous they were being…by surrounding her with vegetables.

“Sweet little Lola got a smash session of her own…a Veggie Smash,” Stennett wrote. “Quite the departure from her twin brother’s Cheeseburger Smash, but she loved her organic, GMO-free, fresh Alaskan produce; tenderly cultivated with only the finest imported soil and watered with the tears of angels!”

Take that, online trolls!

(via MommyPage and ABC News)

Aren’t these little darlings absolutely adorable in their photos? Be sure to check out more of Stennett’s beautiful photography on Facebook.

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