Snow Days Are Awesome, But ‘Boars Broke Into School, Go Home’ Days Are Way Better

Back when you were in school, you probably got to experience the rare treat of staying home on a snow day. But can you say you ever got a “boar day”?

These students sure can. The Higashiyama Junior High School and High School in Kyoto, Japan, was recently evacuated after two wild boars found their way inside and began terrorizing everyone there. Authorities had to come in and subdue the animals with tranquilizer darts, while two more boars were found about a half of a mile away from the school.

It may sound like a funny situation, but the footage from that day shows why you never want to mess with wild pigs.

(via Daily Mail)

Thankfully, nobody got hurt in the ordeal and the animals are said to have been released elsewhere in an uninhabited area. What a story to tell.

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