Concrete Isn’t Just For Sidewalks – You Can Do Some Epic Things With It

When you think of concrete, “gorgeous” is probably not the first word that comes to mind. While most people might think concrete is just for sidewalks and patios, the newest trend in DIY takes the utilitarian supply to an elegant, modern, and new level.

Before you throw away that leftover cement mix in your garage, check out these 20 awesome concrete DIYs. You’ll be swearing by the stuff in no time.

1. Concrete candleholders

Concrete candleholders

Monsters Circus

These patterns were made by filling the bottom of plastic bottles with cement.

2. Cinder block birdhouse

Cinder block birdhouse


You don’t even have to mix any concrete to make this. Get the full tutorial here.

3. Outdoor or bedside table

Outdoor or bedside table

Addicted 2 DIY

Addicted 2 DIY used an old end table as a mold for this project.

4. Concrete flower vases

Concrete flower vases

Homemade Modern

Learn how to make these super-smooth concrete vases here.

5. Cement stool

Cement stool

Homemade Modern

A bucket serves as the mold for this cute stool.

6. Sound dock

Sound dock

Trend Hunter

This cement sound dock takes some skill to make, but the results are awesome.

7. Address number stepping stone

Address number stepping stone

Chez Larsson

See how to make this fun outdoor decor piece here.

8. Picture frame

Picture frame

A Piece of Rainbow

The mold for this project can be made from an old cereal box.

9. Cement leaf castings

Cement leaf castings

The Mag Rag

These make for cute outdoor garden decorations.

10. Concrete-dipped lamp shades

Concrete-dipped lamp shades

Indesign Live

These lamp shades are ultra modern and simple.

11. Hanging table

Hanging table

The Merry Thought

See how it’s made here.

12. Concrete clock

Concrete clock


Clock making is easier than you’d think. Read the tutorial here.

13. Drink coasters

Drink coasters

A Daily Something

You won’t believe how easy these are to make.

14. Copper and cement coatrack

Copper and cement coatrack

Apartment Therapy

This is a cool way to display and store your favorite pieces.

15. Concrete lamp base

Concrete lamp base

This base was made from an empty juice box.

16. Cinder block garden planters

Cinder block garden planters

Apartment Therapy

This elevated garden is chic and low-effort.

17. Cheeseboard


A Daily Something

This neat project needs to be sealed with a food-safe concrete sealer.

18. Concrete balloon bowls

Concrete balloon bowls

Amy Greving

These are made by pouring concrete over balloons, ultimately producing an ethereal effect.

19. Monogram bookends

Monogram bookends

Eilen Tein

Just pick up a few letter molds from the craft store to make these.

20. Kitchen shelves

Kitchen shelves


Not only do these shelves look great, but they can also withstand pretty much anything.

After seeing all of these creations, I suddenly have an itch to head to the hardware store. I think I’ll make some concrete bookends first, and then move onto the balloon candle holders. Will you try any of these cement projects at home?

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