They Fell Out Of Love But Came Together To Do Something Awesome For Their Son

For some people, true love is only a myth, and inevitably once happily married couples fall out of love with one another.

Being the child of divorced parents means having to split your time between two homes and two sets of rules. You also have to deal with the aftermath of listening to your mom or dad bad mouthing the other. But every once in a while, a divorced family manages to make separation work for both themselves and their children.

While they may no longer be in love with one another, this pair reunites once a year to show their support for their young son.

Despite being unable to work through their relationship hardships, parents Adam Dyson and Victoria Baldwin knew that they wanted to provide a unique experience for their son that would make things easier for the young boy.

Every year, Dyson and Baldwin come together to take a family portrait with little Bruce.

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In a post Baldwin shared with the Love What Matters Facebook page, she writes, “We are not in love, we don’t always agree, we’re not best friends, sometimes we don’t even like one another. But you know what we are? We are forever connected because of our beautiful, smart, kind, compassionate, funny son.”

She went on to add, “Adam and I are not perfect co-parents, but we made a deal when we got divorced to put our son first and to value the richness that we each bring to his life for different reasons.”

In recent years, the annual family photo has proven quite difficult because Dyson lives in South Carolina while Baldwin resides in Alaska.

The once-married couple sees no signs of stopping their photo tradition, even if one or both of them are able to find love again. “We think a step-parent or longterm partner would be welcomed and would be an addition to Bruce’s life,” said Baldwin.

You can check out Baldwin’s entire post here.

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Dyson and Baldwin are finding a way to make their family work despite their difficult situation. Share this post if you think more divorced parents should put their children first!

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