You’ll Be Amazed By This Crazy Invention (And By How Quickly It All Failed)

Most of us have seen videos of how insane morning commutes can be in China. That’s why some clever engineers designed a ridiculous elevated bus that could drive directly over cars to alleviate some commuter stress.

Introduced in the summer of 2016, this bus was said to be the future of mass transportation, but just months after the bizarre invention’s launch, it actually started making traffic in one city worse.

In order to test out the futuristic bus, the Chinese government had to build an elaborate test track with the hope that TEB Technology, the company behind it, would restore the test site to its original condition following the run. Unfortunately, that never happened. Nearly nine months after the test, traffic is now worse because the tracks were never dismantled and there’s some serious rubber-necking going on whenever people drive by the monstrosity.

Not only is the bus just sitting there in disrepair, but lanes on major roads are now even smaller because of the tracks. Check out the elevated bus in action below! Great idea, right? Sadly, some things are just better in theory than they are in practice.

(via CNN Money)

What do you think of it? Personally, I think it’s an amazing concept and I’m bummed that it fell flat. Be sure to share this with all the tech buffs in your life!

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