8 Things You Should Probably Buy For Your Fallout Shelter Right This Second

Most people who create fallout shelters are mocked as doomsday preppers.

Now, there’s probably a low chance that you’ll experience a nuclear strike anywhere near your town in your lifetime, but for some reason news organizations are letting us all know how we can stay safe. If something crazy does happen, you’ll want to be prepared for it. After all, many people have preparation kits for natural disasters like floods or wildfires, so it just makes sense to be ready, even if nothing scary is happening at all right now.

Here are all the essentials you’ll need for your nuclear fallout shelter.

1. First, stock up on canned goods and MRE (Military Ready-to-Eat) meals.


2. Each person needs one to two gallons of water per day, so five-gallon jugs are the most efficient way to be prepared for any disaster.

3. Potassium iodide tablets can help protect against radiation from a nuclear weapon.


4. Iodine solution can be rubbed on the skin for absorption in the body, similar to the tablets.


5. Light sticks like these that last up to 12 hours are essential in any emergency situation.

Light sticks like these that last up to 12 hours are essential in any emergency situation.


6. Five-gallon buckets can be used as toilets, or you can buy a portable toilet. After all, you might be trapped for a while.

7. Plastic trash bags will keep your shelter clean and sanitary.


8. Finally, some bleach and bleach-based cleaner should help you sanitize any messes that occur while you’re waiting for someone, anyone to save you.

(via Underground Bomb Shelter)

But at the end of the day, there’s nothing you can do except make yourself comfortable as far away from the blast as possible. Just something to think about while our world leaders are playing with our lives.

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