This Professor Was Just Doing His Job On Live TV But The Kids Had Other Plans

If you’re a parent and you work from home, you know how hard it can be to get the job done with little ones running around.

Fortunately for you, however, you probably don’t have to deal with any of the fallout on live television. That wasn’t the case for this guy who’s probably too embarrassed to go outside at this point. It all started during a live interview with the BBC as Professor Robert Kelly was outlining the intricacies of South Korea’s current presidential problem. You know, easy stuff.

But these kids? They didn’t give a damn about his nonsense. If he got to be on TV, why shouldn’t they? Wanting to get that promo, an older kiddo sashayed right into the frame and because Murphy’s Law is a thing, a baby quickly followed suit. Watching it all unfold is top-notch comic relief now that it feels like the world is falling apart and whatever.

Prof: “I just want to live my life and do my job.” Kids: “OH HELL NAW.”

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Be sure to share this with the parents in your life to let them know that the next time their kid embarrasses them at soccer practice, they’ve still got nothing on this. And to Professor Kelly, I’m so sorry the internet exists.


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