An Ostrich Stuck Its Head In The Window And This Baby’s Reaction Was Hysterical

If years of watching animal videos on the internet have taught me anything, it’s that wild animals can be unpredictable.

I can remember going on a safari ride with my parents when I was younger and totally freaking out at the idea that any of the animals could jump out from parts unknown and attack me. Eventually I got to feed a baby moose that had climbed on our bus and my fears were quickly crushed. With that said, this tiny tot is a lot braver than I was at that age!

A video shot at the Winston Oregon Wildlife Safari is going viral after a small child had quite the hilarious run-in with an ostrich. The big bird can be seen peeking its head through the car window, much to the boy’s delight. Not much can be heard over his loud laughter as the hungry bird sneaks a snack.

I bet you can’t make it through the entire video without giggling!

(Via Daily Mail)

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