She Threw Her Friend A Gender-Reveal Party And Did Something That Made People Cry

Now more than ever, expecting couples are having gender-reveal parties to celebrate their upcoming babies.

When Angela and her husband learned they were having a baby, they knew they wanted a creative and unique gender-reveal party. They also knew without a doubt that their friend Tiniki was just the right person for the job.

Seated behind a large box, the happy couple anxiously awaited the moment when theycould unwrap it and learn the gender of their baby. But when they saw what was inside, they were surprised. Three white balloons came out of the box, and they moved Angela and her husband to tears.

Before this pregnancy, Angela had two miscarriages, and her sister’s unborn child suffered the same fate. These balloons were for them, and they told everyone at the party that while their upcoming baby was something to be joyous about, the three lost babies would not be forgotten.

After that touching moment, Angela and her husband learned the gender of their child, but that wasn’t the only surprise Tiniki had in store.

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(via LittleThings)

Congratulations to Angela and her husband on their baby girl! Make sure to share this emotional video with your loved ones.

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