Someone Stole The Halloween Candy From This Bowl, So One Kid Did The Cutest Thing

When Halloween comes around each year, in the days leading up to the main event, you can practically see lollipops in the eyes of every child you come in contact with.

But being the parent of eager trick-or-treaters can mean having to leave your candy rations up to the honor system. Most people who are either out enjoying the holiday themselves or simply can’t be bothered to face the countless ghouls and goblins coming to their front door, so there’s often a single bowl of candy left on the front porch labeled with a sign that says “take one.”

But in Halloween lingo, take one really means take handfuls. So what happens when the candy dish runs dry? Well, in most cases, it means that future trick-or-treaters will be left empty-handed, but thanks to the actions of one kind-hearted little boy, kids in one neighborhood got to enjoy the fun a bit longer.

While Jesse Robertson and his wife were out with their two kids, they left their security camera on to capture candy looters in the act, but what they captured instead was a Halloween act of kindness. A young boy, later identified as 11-year-old Hayden Chapple, approached the couple’s house when he came across an empty bowl of candy. After walking away in disappointment, he soon returned to the dish and decided to replenish the bowl with goodies from his own bag.

Christmas may still be a month away, but this little boy is already in the spirit of giving.

(via East Idaho News)

Now if only more kids were like Hayden, then Halloween would be a whole lot more enjoyable for everyone involved. This kid is the Good Samaritan we need in 2017!

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