So What If She Uses A Wheelchair? This Precious Senior Pug Is The Sassiest Dog Ever!

Meet Hazel, the most adorable little pug nugget in the whole wide world.

Oh, did I mention that she’s also a senior dog who uses a wheelchair? Doesn’t matter — this little queen slays 24/7.

As Hazel herself is known to say, “Welcome to my world. It’s not too shabby.”

Hazel has been with her family since she was just a pup. A few years ago, they noticed that she had developed a bit of a swagger when she walked. It turned out to be degenerative disc disease, but did Hazel’s family love her any less? Nope! They simply fitted her with a wheelchair and she kept on groovin’.

In addition to being an all-around awesome dog, Hazel is quite the fashionista. Whether she’s channeling her inner Rhinanna…

…or just watching football with the family, Hazel has a remarkable wardrobe!

Of course, birthdays are always a MAJOR deal at Hazel’s house.

And so is Halloween!

She really enjoys a stiff drink.

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Like, really enjoys them. She might have a problem.

However, Hazel can also be quite cultured.

Every day is a new adventure for this precious pup. Sometimes she’s a beautiful bride.

Others, she’s a five-star chef!

Whatever the case, she always looks damn fine doing it.

A lot of days, Hazel just likes to snooze. After all, she’s 12!

Rain or shine, she’s one hell of a dog.

And when I found out that she could have been PRESIDENT, it made me resent the 2016 election even more!

Three cheers for Hazel! All pugs are magical, but this is an extra-special girl.

Be sure to this sassy little lady’s antics with everyone you know! Dog lovers everywhere won’t be able to get enough!

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