Watch The Moment Parents Hear Their Daughter’s Heart Beat 20 Years After Her Death

Losing a child is the most devastating thing that can happen to a parent.

Daniel and Shirley Mason had a daughter named Nicky who died 20 years ago when she was just 18 years old. She was tragically run over while walking to a friend’s house from her home. Nicky’s brain stem and spinal cord were both snapped, and in the midst of the most devastating moment of their lives, the Masons knew Nicky would want to donate her organs.

Her heart was transplanted successfully to a woman named Inger Jensen, who went on to win a gold medal for swimming in the Olympic Transplant Games in 1999. Until recently, however, she had never met the parents of the girl who saved her life.

When they did finally meet up, it felt like a reunion. The emotional moment was captured on camera, and the Masons got to hear their daughter’s heartbeat one more time.

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Everyone involved in this story is so selfless. I hope this begins a long and happy friendship. Share this with your loved ones!

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