13 ‘Hold My Beer’ Moments That Are Just Spectacularly Stupid

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘hold my beer’?

It’s one of the most hilarious internet memes, and it usually comes right before an epic fail. It’s as if the person involved tells someone around them to hold their beer while they go do something insane, thinking it’s going to be awesome. Instead, they strike completely out. If you’re into people who think they’re too cool for school getting what’s coming to them, ‘hold my beer’ is for you.

Here are 13 of these cringe-worthy moments that’ll make you laugh out loud.

1. The hay falling out at the end really makes this one.

How my week is going

Reddit / BunyipPouch

2. If you thought this was going to end well, I have a pile of trash to sell you.

Hold my beer….

Reddit / Ibleedcarrots

3. Not a fail, but totally cringe-worthy.

HMB While I Do Something Awesome.

Reddit / bsurfn2day

4. I totally wanted to do this as a kid, and it was a bad idea then, too.

HMB while we slide down the stairs

Reddit / onlysame1

5. Raise your hand if you thought this would work.

Reddit / thiefx


6. Hold my beer, I’m a gymnast.

Facebook / Hood Life Memes


7. Physics is really, really hard.


Reddit / jaykirsch

8. I’m positive there was actual beer involved in this terrible decision.

Hold on guys I’ll be right down

Reddit / SlimJones123

9. This was bound to end well.

Reddit / KevlarYarmulke


10. We all want to be Tarzan… but we’re not all Tarzan.

Reddit / FaustoYoshihara


11. Taking pictures during a hurricane is a special kind of stupid.

Reddit / Relevant_Username


12. Doing wheelies in the pool with an ATV is something someone apparently felt the need to do.

Youtube / Dusten Smith

13. You really tried it.

Bike Stunt MotherFather !

Reddit / Morty_Goldman

Wow! I feel better about myself and my life choices. Want to see more of these ‘hold my beer’ moments? Check out the subreddit here.

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