She Thought She Was Just Seeing A Refurbished House — Then He Told Her This

One of the best things about having parents is knowing that even if you screw up, they’ll still be there for you.

Despite being an admittedly troubled youth, realtor Josh DeShong always had his mom Vickie’s support.In addition to raising him as a single mom, DeShong says that at times she was the only person who didn’t doubt him, including when he started his career in real estate about 10 years ago.

When Vickie lost both her mom and sister in the last six months, DeShong knew it was time to repay her kindness and give her something to smile about.He had spent some time refurbishing an old house and told his mom that she could stay there while looking for a new apartment — but when they went to look at the changes together, he surprised her in the most incredible way.

“A huge goal of mine was to give back to the person who gave up so much and did so much for me to become who I am today,” he said.How he did that brought her to tears.

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It must have felt so great to be able to do that for his mom, who clearly deserves such a wonderful gift.Share this heartwarming video if you think he’s an amazing son!

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