This Is The Bizarre Thing Some People Do When They Fish For Octopuses

Not many people can say they killed their meals with their bare hands…or in some cases, their teeth.

But when it comes to seasoned octopus hunters, chomping down on their catches is a common practice. As part of native Hawaiian tradition, fishermen who catch octopuses will bite down where the brain is located, right between the creature’s eyes. I’m sure you’re thinking this sounds disgusting and maybe even cruel, but according to those who practice this, it’s the quickest and most humane way to kill them.

Here’s a demonstration of how it works. It only takes a few seconds before the octopus is dead.

This father took his son to Ala Moana beach park in Hawaii to teach him the technique last month.

It’s surprisingly quick and effective. People also know they’ve succeeded when the octopus turns white.

Even celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay tried it during a fishing trip in Sicily.

I’ll be honest and say I was skeptical about how humane this death really is, but it actually doesn’t seem like the worst way to go for these animals. What are your thoughts on octopus biting? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

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