His Show Usually Makes Us Laugh, But This Tearful Plea Will Break Your Heart

Jimmy Kimmel is one of our favorite late-night comedians.

He’s always upbeat and hilarious, whether he’s playing pranks on kids or showing us celebrities reading mean tweets about themselves. On Monday’s show, however, “Jimmy Kimmel Live” took a turn for the serious when Jimmy returned from a week-long hiatus after the birth of his baby. He revealed that his son, Billy, was born with congenital heart disease and that one of the holes in Billy’s heart had to be fixed immediately with major surgery.

Jimmy’s story is full of both laughter and tears, and he thanks every single person who helped his son. He’s so grateful.

Youtube / Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy also took the opportunity to talk about how this experience affects everyone by revealing that congenital heart disease is classified as a preexisting condition by insurance companies.

At the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, he said he saw many struggling families and urged his viewers to donate to the hospital so they can continue to receive care. He also pleaded with the audience to call their Congresspeople to keep protections in place for preexisting conditions. Like he said, no matter what political party you’re part of, we can all agree that parents shouldn’t have to struggle to save their kids’ lives.

Jimmy Kimmel used his platform to not only share his story but to try to help others. If you’d like to donate and help kids in need, check out your local Children’s Hospital or donate to CHLA. Be sure to share this story with all the parents in your life and squeeze your kiddos tight!

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