Hilarious Little Boy Uses Leaf Blower To Fend Off His Little Sister

It’s often said that when you give someone even the tiniest bit of power, it’ll go straight to their head. And this four-year-old madman is no exception.

Jaxson Hess may have gotten a leg up on your favorite comic book villains after he discovered the havoc he can wreak with the help of his grandfather’s leaf blower. Once the tyke got his hands on it, he did what any other four-year-old would do: attack his sister with a strong gust of wind, pumping his fists in pure excitement.

But all good things must come to an end. When Hess’ granddad picks up the leaf blower, he’s given a taste of his own medicine.


(Via Daily Mail)

I can only imagine the trouble this little guy will get himself into when he grows up. If you and your siblings used to pick on each other, be sure to share this funny footage with them!

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