He Pulled Over On The Side Of The Road. What He Left There Will Make You So Angry.

One of the best qualities about dogs is how they put all their trust in us, but unfortunately, that’s what makes it so heartbreaking when the people they love betray them.

On August 4, surveillance cameras installed by the Dallas Marshal’s Office in Texas recorded a man pulling up to the side of a road known for being a hot spot where people abandon their pets. His reason for being there was no different. After stopping, he pulled a dog out of the back seat, got back into his car, and drove off.

The 62-year-old, named Gorge Spears, is facing animal cruelty charges after leaving the one-year-old pup by the side of the road. His justification for doing so was that his sister couldn’t control the dog.


(via Daily Mail)

Thankfully, Dallas Animal Services picked up the dog the next day and transferred her to the SPCA of Texas, where she was named Claira-Belle.On September 9, she was adopted. We wish her a happy life full of love with her new family.

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