You’ll Want This Cutie To Be Part Of Your World When She Sings A Disney Classic

Sometimes when I think about everything that’s going on in the world, I get really down.

Every time I check the news or social media, it seems like one more crazy thing has happened. That’s why I try to take care of myself and seek out positive things online while still staying informed. Kids are some of the most positive forces in the universe; they’re our future, after all! And they can do some pretty adorable things. Steve Harvey’s TV series “Little Big Shots” showcases some little ones and their talents, and one little girl recently captured everyone’s hearts.

You’ll recognize this Disney classic the minute she opens her mouth. I love that she gets every word right!

This little cutie deserves to be part of everyone’s world. Share this video to brighten someone’s day or remind them just how much they love “The Little Mermaid.”


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