Remember This Viral Live TV Screwup? Here’s How A Mom Would’ve Handled It

Earlier this month, Professor Robert Kelly became a viral hero when he was live on air with the BBC discussing serious world news and the kiddos decided to derail everything.

The way he handled it was hilarious and the reason why it went viral isn’t hard to understand. All parents know that “WHY IS MY LIFE THIS WAY” feeling you get when your kids decide they’ll stop at nothing to humiliate you. When it happens on live TV, it’s on a whole new level of embarrassing.

Although he really did take it like a champ, this parody video offers hilarious insight into what would’ve happened if Kelly had been a mom instead.

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Honestly, I probably would’ve handled it like Robert Kelly did, but I can totally see a busy mom reacting like this. Mothers are, after all, experts in the art of multitasking.

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