They Saw Bruises On The Baby. Watching The NannyCam, They Learned The Horrid Truth.

One of the most terrifying things for a parent is knowing your child is in danger.

Annemarie Theron started noticing bruises on her baby girl, Laila. Babies often cry at what seems like the drop of a hat, but Theron and her husband also said their child seemed fearful of her caretaker, Nicolin Hoeses.

They realized they had a surveillance camera (or NannyCam) that they had hoped not to use right in front of Laila’s bed, so they checked it together. What they saw would move anyone to tears.

Theron said, after watching the video, “I had so many emotions — betrayed, and a complete failure as a mum. It was the worst feeling I have ever had and never ever want another mother to have to go through that.” See what the footage showed below, but be warned that it is disturbing.

Hoeses was arrested the following day, and Theron hopes she’ll never be able to work with children again. This is absolutely awful. Tell us what you think. Would you ever install a NannyCam?

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