15 Pets That Are Thoroughly Unimpressed With Their Halloween Costumes

While putting together costumes for Halloween may be a blast for us, the same can’t always be said for our pets.

Just because we think our little buddies look adorable in their outfits doesn’t mean they do. In fact, costumes (or any clothes in general) are pure torture for some of them to endure, as evidenced by the hilariously unhappy critters below.

These 15 cats and dogs may be all dressed up for Halloween, but they definitely aren’t in the spooky spirit.

1. “Get this crap off of me!”

"Get this crap off of me!"

Reddit / Futurehero317

2. “Are you done humiliating me yet?”


3. This pup will kill that stupid pumpkin costume if it’s the last thing he does.

4. Here’s the saddest Pikachu you’ve ever seen.

Here's the saddest Pikachu you've ever seen.

Reddit / aparicium

5. She’s definitely not a fan of lobster.

6. “Maybe if I go limp it’ll just fall off.”

7. This poor doggo’s face says it all.

This poor doggo's face says it all.

Reddit / thepickledchef

8. This bee costume pushed one kitty right over the edge.

9. Someone hates their owner very much right now.

Someone hates their owner very much right now.

Reddit / Xanderstorm

10. “I give up. You win, hoomans.”

11. Doesn’t this kitty look thrilled to be Princess Leia?

Doesn't this kitty look thrilled to be Princess Leia?

Reddit / knowhatimsayin

12. “I am not a lion, dammit! I am a dog!”

13. “You are dead to me, Mother.”

14. “Loathing you. That’s what I’m doing.”

15. “So this is what life has become.”

"So this is what life has become."

Reddit / CriscoCurls

Pets are saints for putting up with all our nonsense. Will you be dressing up your furry family members for Halloween?


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