What This Woman Did On Live TV Would Make Anyone With Sensitive Ears Freak Out

Whether you’re a ’90s kid or just a music fan, chances are you’ve heard Mariah Carey’s infamous whistle notes in her pop hits like “We Belong Together” and “Emotions.”

Mariah Carey has made a career out of her abilities to hit notes that don’t even sound like they’re coming out of a human being. And while many of us believe that Carey holds the record for the highest sung notes in all the world, that distinction actually belongs to a lesser-known singer.

Georgia Brown is a Brazilian singer that has a 10-octave range that lets her voice get all the way up to G10. And while she may be one of Mariah’s biggest fans, Brown certainly has some talent in her own right.

What you’re about to hear isn’t a dog whistle. You have to hear her hit this note to believe it!


Dang. Are anyone else’s ears ringing? That’s amazing!

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