Little Girl In Puppy Pajamas Watches Her Lifelong Christmas Dream Become A Reality

Even though Christmas is still a couple weeks away, it just came early for one very lucky little girl and her brothers.

According to her mom and dad, the girl has been asking for just one thing every time the holiday season rolls around. “Our daughter has been writing to Santa for the last four years to plead her case for a puppy,” they said. “She promised to feed it, walk it—and love it forever. She even started to save her money for a puppy, just in case Santa didn’t bring one this year. “

It’s very fitting, then, that she decided to wear puppy pajamas on the day she and her siblings were surprised with the best Christmas gift they’ve ever received. Watch as the awestruck kids get to meet their new friend, Max, for the first time.

(via Love What Matters)

Welcome to the family, little guy! Something tells me you’ll be completely smothered in all the love and attention your human siblings have to give.

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