If You Hate Bugs, You’ll Freak Out When You See What This Guy Just Did

If you’re like me, then chances are just the thought of coming a little to close to comfort with any creepy crawlies is enough to make your stomach churn.

But this man is so in love with his pet scorpion, Mordekai, that he lets the creature play around inside his mouth. In the clip below, our scorpion-friendly man can be seen with his mouth closed before revealing his “hidden treasure inside.” Once freed from his saliva-filled cave, the scorpion can be found crawling up and down the man’s hands without a care in the world.

I bet this guy is the life of the party. This is one party trick I wouldn’t care to share with my friends.


(via Daily Mail)

Imagine if something went wrong during this stunt and he accidentally swallowed his beloved pet. Yikes.

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