These Little Joeys Are Getting Ready For A Nap And It’s So Zen It’ll Make You Sleepy

When I was a kid, I was fascinated by baby kangaroos.

Not only do they live in Australia, one of the most exotic places on Earth, but they’re one of very few animals who live as babies inside their mothers pouches. Joeys are basically proof that there are incredible things happening in the natural world all the time.

But what happens when these animals, who serve as examples of the power of the mother-child bond, are left all alone? Fortunately, rescue organizations step in to help orphaned joeys, and it’s pretty darn adorable.

When they put the babies to sleep in custom-made pouches, it’s so relaxing that you might even find yourself nodding off along with them.

OMG, I just want to cuddle with them forever. It’s so great that they have someone to care for them even though their moms are gone. Share their story with all the mothers and animal lovers you know!

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