Dad Tells Kids The Dog Is Twerking To Avoid An Awkward Convo…Then One Joins In

Parents will go to some pretty hilarious extremes to shield their children from the horrors of the world and to protect their innocence.

Thankfully, one quick-thinking dad was able to avoid what could have been an awkward conversation with his young daughter and niece…or so he thought. When the daughter proclaimed that the family dog was dancing, he was forced to go along with it when he realized what was really going on. While their beloved pet was actually caught dry humping his doggy bed, all this frazzled dad could do was blurt out that the dog was twerking.

But when the kids wanted to get in on this so-called dance party, dad instantly regretted his little white lie.

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I’m willing to bet that these girls will look back on this video in a few years and have a good laugh. Share if you’ve ever panicked in a situation like this!

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