This Senior Dog Fell Into The Water And Was Drowning. Then A Fireman Saved The Day!

Rookie firefighter Emilio Sanchez might still be learning the ropes, but he’s certainly made a name for himself after footage of his heroic water rescue started circulating.

Sanchez and his team responded to a call regarding a 12-year-old dog that was struggling to stay afloat in Biscayne Bay. Springing into action, Sanchez quickly strips off his clothes and dives in after the panicked animal. After grabbing onto the pup, the firefighter swims over to an orange stretcher that hoisted the animal to safety.

Check out the amazing rescue in the video below!

(Via Daily Mail)

Just 30 minutes after the ordeal, the elderly dog was reunited with his owner all thanks to the heroic actions of Sanchez and his entire team.

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