Smartest Thing Ever Or The Saddest? Stray Dog Fakes Injury To Get Attention

Anyone with a devious dog knows that they’re smarter than they seem.

My pup often manages to mislead me into thinking he’s being a good boy when he’s definitely not. For stray dogs who live their lives on the streets, they’ve got to use those brains to get things like food in order to survive. One homeless pup in Vietnam, however, was recently seen doing something in order to capture the attention of passersby that’s so crazy you kind of have to see it to believe it.

I don’t know whether I should be laughing at this pup’s ingenuity or crying that it’s necessary. Watch until the very end!

Youtube / ViralPaws

He’s definitely got street smarts, that’s for sure. Remember there are thousands of super intelligent dogs saved from the streets just waiting to be rescued, so consider giving one a chance at a forever home. Share this dog’s trick with the animal lovers you know!

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