These Cute Animals May Be The Faces Of Easter, But They’re Actually Pure Evil — LOL!

This time of year is so exciting. Everything’s blooming and all the baby animals are peeking their heads out into the world.

That’s why springtime and Easter are so closely associated with adorable baby chicks, bunnies, and ducks. They’re signs of innocence and new life. But what happens when these cuties go on a rampage? Some unfortunate animals (and people!) found out when they were confronted with the dark side of Easter animals, and you’ll be rolling on the floor laughing when you see them.

1. Baby ducks are basically demons to this pooch.

Youtube / Elisa Young



3. Who needs a sheep dog when there are fluffy bunnies around to do the job twice as well?


4. Even chickens can be terrified of their own kind. Something’s just not right with this spawn.

Youtube / SteviePAX

5. Being annoyed is truly being in hell. And they say black cats are the evil ones…


6. “I will find you, and I will kill you.”


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7. You’d better watch your back when this floppy-eared devil comes around.

Youtube / flower303

8. Run run run run run run!


9. Humans are not immune. Watch this jerk attack a woman unprovoked!

Youtube / Waggle TV

10. “We will surround you and then murder you.”


11. This little boy’s screams are so relatable when faced with a hoard of monster chicks.

Youtube /Zeinab Dabaja

12. The cat is NOT PLEASED.


LOL! I can’t stop laughing. Make sure to share this with everyone you know to celebrate the season!


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