If You Have Kids, You’ll Totally Feel The Hilarious Pain Of These Exhausted Parents

Though most parents will tell you that having children is a blessing, they’ve likely felt at times as if it was a curse as well.

Nothing’s more rewarding than sweet little kisses or a nice “I love you” from your little ones, but nobody can deny that having kids definitely takes its toll, physically and mentally. Whether they’re keeping Mom and Dad up at night as babies or giving them zero personal space ever, kids prove every day with their antics that being a parent is no easy feat.

That’s what father-of-two Mike Julianelle, the creator of a blog called Dad and Buried, set out to showcase when he created the Instagram account, Got Toddlered.

1. On October 12, he was the first to share a side-by-side photo of himself before and after becoming a dad. He’s also the first to admit that parenthood has been rough on his appearance.

2. Others quickly followed suit, submitting their own photos of before and after they jokingly say their children “ruined” them.

3. “Obviously, it’s meant to be lighthearted, and no one is seriously blaming their children for the state of their faces or lives,” Julianelle told HuffPost.

4. The account is more like a support group for parents who know what it means to be constantly exhausted…

5. …and just plain done.

6. They’re helping to show that it’s okay to be frustrated with parenthood and all that comes with it, including the broken noses caused by kids.

7. “There’s no shame in admitting that for all the peaks, there are plenty of pits,” Julianelle said.

8. “Kids are the worst best thing that’s ever happened to us and if we don’t laugh about the havoc they wreak we’d have to cry instead and I’m not a crier.”

9. They’ll drive you to drink even more than you did before…

10. …take away all the time you had for hair and makeup…

11. …make you so tired you can’t think straight…

12. …and majorly test the limits of your patience.

13. Still, something tells me these moms and dads wouldn’t change a thing…

14. …as tired as they may look.

15. Parenthood isn’t for everyone, which is why I have to commend the people who choose to create and raise tiny humans the best they can.

(via BoredPanda)

If you’d like to submit your own “got toddlered” photos, head on over to Instagram or send an email to gottoddlered@gmail.com. You can also check out Julianelle’s blog here.

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