They Pulled A Fish Out Of The Water And What Was In Its Mouth Left Them Cheering

When it comes to the elaborate art of gender reveals, creativity is key.

That’s why Shelby and Colt Moore decided to incorporate the tradition of “noodling” into their plan. For those of us not from Oklahoma, “noodling” is when you jump into a body of water and wrestle a fish to the surface with your arms. A video posted online shows Colt going under water and grabbing a flathead catfish. Once the father-to-be comes to the surface with the fish, the couple’s family and friends discover a special tag hanging from its mouth.

Press play below to find out the gender!

(Via Daily Mail)

Well that’s certainly one way to announce to the world that you’re expecting a baby girl! Share this unusual gender reveal if you hope the little one grows up to appreciate Oklahoma’s culture as much as they do.

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