She Was At Work When She Saw Something Out The Window That Changed Her Life

The last thing this Massachusetts woman expected when she showed up for her shift at the hospital was to leave with a huge rock on her finger, but that’s exactly what went down!

When Sandi Moniz showed up for work at Charlton Memorial Hospital, she was expecting to undergo training on the hospital’s helipad. But as Moniz and her colleagues approached a window overlooking the helipad, she saw candles spelling out “marry me” with a giant heart. Awaiting her arrival was her boyfriend, Andrew, who was eager to ask his her to spend the rest of her life with him.

We’ve seen plenty of proposal videos over the years, but this one is something special.

They say romance is dead thanks to things like online dating and social media, but this is a reminder that there are still some true romantics out there. Here’s to a bright and happy future, Andrew and Sandi!

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