What This Grandpa With Dementia Can Still Remember Warms His Family’s Hearts

Dementia is devastating not only to the people it affects, but those closest to them as well.

It robs a person of their ability to recognize their loved ones and erases their most cherished memories. Heartbroken family members have to watch as their parents, grandparents, and other relatives forget who they are. But as one grandfather proved, it doesn’t always take away everything. Sometimes, people suffering with dementia are fortunate enough to remember what means the most to them.

When ‎Mallory Headings‎ and her family had to make the tough choice to move her grandfather into a nursing home, they all gathered around him and sang old hymns — something he’s loved doing his entire life. Though he has dementia, he can still sing and hum along to his favorite gospel music.


(via Love What Matters)

What a blessing for this man to still be able to take comfort in singing, and for his family to share that passion with him. Here’s hoping he can enjoy music as much as possible for the rest of his days.

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