This Pregnancy Announcement Just Officially Won So Everyone Else Can Stop Trying

Welcoming a new brother or sister to the family isn’t always the easiest for the other children in the house.

For most kids, the arrival of a newborn sibling means they’ll no longer receive all of mom’s and dad’s attention. But when it came time for little Kyla’s parents to announce the upcoming birth of her baby brother or sister, this eager little girl couldn’t be more thrilled to join in on the fun.

In this truly precious pregnancy reveal, Kyla announces her excitement about the new baby. She even got in on the action and showed off her best impression of Mom and her impending baby bump. But like any good older sister, Kyla has a whole list of rules for her new sibling to follow when they meet.

But Kyla says it best when she mentions that a baby is a gift from God.

I bet these kiddos are about to have a life full of fun together. Share if you think she’s absolutely adorable!

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