This Mama’s Pregnancy Video Reveals Just How Incredible The Human Body Can Be

Do you ever just stop to think about how incredible it is that women carry babies and bring life into this world?

Seriously, moms. You’re the real MVPs. For nine months, the little one and Mom get nice and personal before they’re ready to make their big debut. I don’t have kiddos of my own, but I can only imagine that waiting to meet is an exciting experience for parents-to-be.

But this lucky mom-dad duo just got a little glimpse of what’s to come when their child arrives. This little nugget is going to be an active one! Check out the amazing footage below to see what I mean.

This baby’s ready to come out and play!

(via Boredom Therapy)

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We wish all the happiness in the world to these parents and their bundle of joy, who could get here any minute.

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