These 13 Funny Animals Have Mixed Feelings About Our Jack-O-Lanterns

Like all other holidays, Halloween is an event made for and celebrated by humans. But who says animals can’t join in on the fun?

Whether they do it willingly or not, many pets get dressed up in adorable costumes for All Hallow’s Eve. Others are gifted with their own spooky treats or, alternatively, snatch them from their unsuspecting humans’ candy bags. Some even get their very own pumpkins, but rather than carving them, they have way more fun eating, playing with and even starting fights with their orange adversaries — and as you’ll see by the 13 critters below, watching them do so is pretty hilarious.

1. For the residents of the Chester Zoo in Cheshire, England, pumpkins are definitely treats.

2. For this adorable corgi, on the other hand, they’re playmates and/or enemies that must be destroyed.

3. Don’t make any sudden movements, buddy. It just might attack.

4. For big cats, they’re not unlike the catnip toys you give your much smaller kitties at home.

5. Who knew such a variety of species could all enjoy pumpkins so much?

6. This pupper will stop at nothing to save his owners from the orange scourge.

7. Getting between this wolf and his pumpkin definitely isn’t a good idea.

8. “What is this wizardry?!”

9. “You better not coming any closer! I’m warning you!”

10. When it comes to pumpkins, this kitty’s just a fraidy cat.

11. We all know who won here.

12. “Why is this ball so big?”

13. How could we not include Teddy Bear, the adorably noisy spokesman for animals who love pumpkins?

Do you give your pets pumpkins for Halloween? How do they like their orange treats? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

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