Here’s Why You Don’t Slow Down Your Car If You Ever See A Bear On The Road

Cody Kunau is no stranger to seeing bears on the road. After all, he works at the Yakutat Lodge in Yakutat, Alaska, where bear sightings are a regular occurrence.

What wasn’t such a normal experience for him, however, took place as he was driving with his friend Samantha to get dinner at the lodge. On July 2, they both noticed a brown bear crossing the road ahead of them and slowed down to see if they could get a good look at it through the trees. What happened a few seconds later made them book it out of there.

Watch as the angry bear bursts through the trees and charges directly at their vehicle. I’m honestly surprised they didn’t scream!

Cody couldn’t figure out why the bear was so agitated, so he says they turned the car around to see if there might be cubs in the area. They didn’t find anything, but they were charged again. Share if you would’ve needed a change of underwear if you were in their shoes.

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